Small support
for your big journey.

A Dinner Break. Occasionally, for a respite.
To sustain and delight.
To pamper and fuel when the body battery runs low.
Get the THAC Dinner, delivered right to your place.

Food is as much about the mind as it is about the body – and with this service, the mind is put at ease and given a lot of exciting flavours, variety and info-nuggets to look forward to.Without sacrificing on Taste.

The THAC Kitchen has been a pioneer in the sphere of wholesome nourishment – Real Food, for the last 30 years.Food is made without using anything refined or processed, be it oil, white sugar, iodised salt, maida or dairy items. THAC’s cuisine brings together the pure principles of nutrition, to comfort and enjoy, just the way good health is meant to be.

Community kitchen,
fuelled by your ideas.

Along side the THAC Kitchen, we also have the THAC Resource Room which is operational on a limited scale.
All the familiar THAC Products-the Dips, Sauces, Ladoos, Attas, and other products are available to order.

Check the complete list below.

We hope the Menus showcased so far will be a motivation factor for you in the kitchen, when you do cook. Take inspiration from them, use the alternatives that are available from a range of products, and send us your hit recipes.
Perhaps one day soon, the THAC Kitchen can truly become a community kitchen, fuelled by your ideas and recipes.

For enquiries or to place an order, call (Mon to Fri 10 pm – 1 pm/3 pm – 5 pm) :
Sonali – 9768402666 OR Renuka – 9820571624